SVG control package v2.3 update 9

This update contains bug fixes and some functional changes to the SVG image list and the SVG controls.

Changes to the SVG image list

The rows in the grid can now be moved to change the order of SVG images.

The following bugs in the image list editor are fixed:

  • There was a problem that the images of any connected “Linked SVG image lists” where lost after making changes to the parent image list, and had to be manually recreated.
  • The “Scaled” property setting was lost after pressing “Cancel” on the SVG image list editor.

Changes to TSVG2Control and TSVG2Image

These controls are used to host a single SVG image.

The SVG image that is hosted can be specified by reference, in that case you would use the “Filename” property and you would supply the SVG files separately with your application. Or the SVG image can be loaded in the “SVG” (TStrings) property, in that case the SVG image is stored in the form file and will be part of the executable of your application.

The Delphi IDE sets a limit on the number of lines you can load in a TStrings property at design time. It this update a component editor is added to these controls, to allow loading of large SVG images.

The SVG data will be stored in the form file and in the executable. Another change is that this SVG data will now be compressed to save space.

Other bug fixes

  • To support mousepointer events, the SVG rendering engine can calculate the bounds of visual elements, paths, rectangles etc. When the parent form or control contains a transform on the canvas, these calculated bounds where not always correct, which resulted in mousepointer events not being fired.
  • When both GDI+ and Direct2D render contexts are enabled, the resulting application would not start on a Windows system that does not support DirectX. This would be Windows XP for example. This is fixed by adding “delayed” to the external procedures targeting DirectX.

Future updates

A new version of the package, v2.4 is in progress and will be available in a couple of weeks. This version of the package will add CSS animation and SMIL animation functionality among other things.

Because of the large number of changes needed to support animation, the package version will increase to allow a controlled transition from version 2.3 to version 2.4.

However, I would like to mention here that v2.4 will be available to all v2.3 license holders without extra costs, when this version comes available.

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