A G2 mini editor for Android

This is a start for a simple G2 editor for Android. I tried to run the G2_editor_FMX on my tablet but it was too slow because of all the controls and the user interface not suited for a small screen. The G2_editor_FMX is more suited for a desktop computer or a high-end tablet with a big screen.

This new application “G2 mini editor” has less functionality (for now). The important thing is that response time is ok, and you can operate it on a small screen. I’m using a Acer A1-810. The other important thing is that the tablet must support “USB Host mode”.

The application only has four screens at the moment. The first screen is the “Performance view”. Here you can load patches and performances from the memory banks and set volume an variation. You can also set the master clock on this form.


When you press on one off the buttons with the patch name or the button with the performance name, you open the “Patch select view”. On the left you can select a bank and on the right is a list with patches/performances in that bank. You load the selected patch by pressing the Ok button.


Then back in the Performance view, there are tabs on the top, which lets you select the four slots A, B, C or D. The patch is only shown in a simplified manner, to reduce load on the processor. For the moment it only gives an overview of the modules in the patch.


Finally when you tap on a module, it opens in a new window. The module is shown in full screen, to enable operating all the controls.


So, its not really an editor at the moment, but more a controller. But maybe I can turn it into a real editor, when I figure out how to implement the cable-drawing functionality.

I have an apk file here if you want to try it out. So you copy the apk file to your tablet and install it. Your tablet should support “USB Host mode” and you need a “USB OTG cable”. Connect this cable directly to the G2 and turn it on after you installed the application.

The moment the tablet detects the G2, it should prompt with a message asking if you want to start the g2_mini_editor, press “Always” or “Just once”. Then the application should start. After that, in the application, press the connect button.

You can dowload the application version 0.01 here. Note that this is experimental software that you can use but at your own risk.


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