Version 2.2 of SVG control package released

The SVG control package offers a set of controls and tools to use Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) in your Delphi projects.

It is a commercial package but there is also a demo package available and a number of demo applications.

There are many improvements made in rendering quality and speed, also new features are added:

The image shows examples of SVG filters. The SVG graphic was made with Inkscape using the filter templates “Enamel Jewelry”, “Pressed Steel” and “Rough and Dilate” on the upper image. This was then rendered with the SVG control package on a VCL form. The filters in the package are all hand coded.

Inkscape has many wonderful filter templates to experiment with. These will often need quite a lot of resources to render, because SVG filters operate on pixel level.

With SVG pointer events you can build interactivity in SVG graphics, these will then be available in your Delphi application. An example of this is the “About” form in de demo viewer application, which is just a TSVG2Image control, but with pointer events build in for the “W3C SVG” link and the “” link.

The VCL demo viewer is also upgraded. SVG content can be copied and pasted using the clipboard and selections of rendered images can be exported as png files.

Source code of the demo applications is also included in the package.

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